Yoga & Reiki

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A private class to receive personal, individualized attention. During the session, you will receive specific instruction for your body in each pose. Private yoga classes are catered to each student’s unique physical needs and goals with guidance and support.

  • New to yoga? This is a great way to start a yoga practice. Work one-on-one to study specific poses and safe alignment.
  • Have difficulty making it to a yoga studio or the class times don’t work for your schedule? Plan a session that fits your busy life.
  • Want to deepen your practice? Fine-tune your current practice. Receive help with poses that are challenging, and safely learn advanced poses such as headstand, handstand, and backbends.
  • Do you have specific needs for healing and recovery? Custom-tailored program with modifications for injuries, everyday aches/pains, or prenatal wellness.

$80 investment for a 60 minute session. Contact me to schedule.


Reiki energy, also called “Universal Life Force Energy”, is all-pervasive and shared by all living things. It is not a religion and is independent of any belief system. Reiki therapy is a Japanese healing modality involving the electromagnetic fields generated by all living things. During a Reiki session the practitioner channels healing energy to the recipient. Reiki therapy is gentle, natural and harmless. Please note: Reiki is NOT a replacement for medical treatment.

Reiki therapy can:

  • restore your energetic harmony
  • help to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and depression
  • give you a greater sense of well-being
  • help you achieve deep relaxation of body and mind
  • be energizing and replenish you when feeling drained

$80 investment for a 60 minute session. Contact me to schedule.


Reiki and yoga go hand in hand. Reiki invites life force in to the body, while yoga generates space for the life force to flow fluently. Practice techniques like pranayama and meditation. Balance your entire energy field, your physical body, and spirit. Treat yourself to a 60 minute yoga class followed by 30 minutes of reiki.

$120 investment for a 90 minute session. Contact me to schedule.